The tail skins taped in place. The two sides are joined at the top, rivets and a few clecoes visible.

The nose skins now collect clecoes with the rear skin still taped.

More holes drilled, more clecoes placed, and the rear skin takes on the final curves along with substantial strengthening of the structure.

Another view of the back end, more clecoes, some tape, soon to be removed.

The underside of the vehicle after drilling and clecoes. The smoothness of the belly contributes to the overall aerodynamics of the velomobile.

Certainly not rideable, but looking like a vehicle. Clecoes sprouting all over (even on the belly) means this isn't yet structually sound.

After drilling all the holes and cleco-ing each hole to assure proper alignment, this is the result.

Same as previous photo, different angle. Some clecoes not in place due to lack of quantity, but mostly on flat areas.

After drilling all those holes, they have to be de-burred. 122 holes in the sheet and in the coaming means 488 times, but it does look so clean now.

This is the result of 122 pop rivets as well as some late night hammering to bend the sheet metal over the coaming tube to give a smooth surface for the arms to rest upon.

Inside cockpit to the rear after the riveting and hammering is done.

The mirrors are installed, the seat is in place, even the classic sounding bicycle bell is on the handlebars. Pedals on the crank mean this vehicle travels (eventually).

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