The stiffeners are clecoed from below, to the ground plate, in preparation for the seat plate attachment. The drive side chain pulley is visible along with the chain guide tube.

The seat plate consolidates the stiffeners, the ground plate and wheel panels to make the primary structure of the base of the velomobile.

With the clecoes removed and rivets in place, the seat plate takes on a much cleaner appearance and is a very stiff assembly as well.

The rear fender assembly required a table extension. It is attached only at the rear bulkhead, prior to the rear skin installation.

A larger view of the full assembly clecoed in place, supported with a temporary brace.

The seat assembly, along with the steering bar and brake levers present a bit of perspective but the seat angle probably won't be so great.

Top nose skin clecoed and taped to hold the curve prior to drilling the side and fender holes.

Front suspension (McPherson strut), steering linkage and brake assembly.

Top sheet clecoed, shift cables, bottom bracket and cranks.

Clecoes and tape still holding the top nose skin. Front wheel in place just to see how it looks.

Another view of the previous area. It's starting to look like a vehicle, if you use your imagination!

Now the rear panels are taped in place and clecoed to the top of the rear fender panel and two points on the nose panels.

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