Stokemonkey Electric Assist
Installed on Alligt Alleweder Velomobile

The Stokemonkey motor can be seen high up in the nose of the vehicle. A DrainBrain battery/power monitor is visible just under the left side of the cowling and the controller with the power switches is on the right side.

A closer, clearer view of the installation. The vertical tube at the bottom bracket is for my cadence sensor and the angled rod is for a yet-uninstalled derailleur (which will give the AAW a total of 72 gears).

The throttle control is on the left side of the handlebar, matched by the SRAM Dual-Drive on the right side. I have a wonderful european sounding bell and an ear shattering AirZound 2 horn. The brake handle has been recently "beefed-up" by epoxying a steel tube of greater length. It has made it much easier to apply the brakes, which is appreciated due to the extra weight of the motor and batteries.

This Stokemonkey is running on a 13Amp-hour NiMH battery pack. I've wrapped some closed-cell foam to provide some shock protection. You can also see some additional foam at the left end of the battery. It's there not so much for shock protection as more to keep the battery from shifting forward and putting too much bending on the power cable. A stock Stokemonkey battery pack is encased in an ABS tube, which would have been too large for my cargo bay.

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