Exposure of your advertisement message is available in two formats, Targeted and Expanded

Targeted exposure provides you with a specific range of travel, designated by you, within local regulations and traffic patterns. An example is during Daytona Beach racing events, in which HPM travels the local roadways surrounding the Daytona Beach International Speedway. During this event, hundreds and thousands of people are "stuck" in traffic and walking in clear view of the travel area for a velomobile.

Expanded exposure provides a larger geographic area for your message. This format would be used for wider ranging of your advertisement in high foot traffic areas. During Motorcycle Weeks in Daytona Beach, pedestrian and motorcycle traffic is quite high, but not particularly localized. Vehicle traffic is often slow paced and this format is well suited for such presentations.


This image represents the area of the vehicle available for ad copy and images. All measurements are approximately to scale and should be accurate to within a half inch. Note: the front and tail of the vehicle as marked with the dotted lines taper away from side viewers. The front of the vehicle can be better considered as its own area, rather than a portion of the side. The tail of the vehicle is visible only from close-in, viewed from above. Some overlap or extension of the nose and tail areas would be practical for some graphics.
Clicking on the above graphic will display a much larger format of the same image, 3152 x 1377 pixels. If you require such resolution, right click on the following link and select "Save As" to download this image file to your computer

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